Skunk Anansie4. June 2013

Despite an impressive list of achievement with their studio albums and their hit singles, it’s fair to say that one can only understand Skunk Anansie’s music and uniqueness after having seen them live in concert.

The sense of urgency and the level of tension and empathy between the band and the audience, growing song after song, are rather unique and a true joy for everybody still believing that rock and roll is the ultimate popular art form.

A rollercoaster of emotions, sweetness and romanticized anger. 

Melody and heaviness melt together as if one couldn’t live without the other; a front woman like Skin that gives all she has to her audience in each every single line in the set.

With the exception of a few studio sessions for B-sides or special editions, Skunk Anansie has never presented their music acoustically live in their 12 years of activity.  They have not released a live album or video either. 

It’s easy to imagine the excitement in the air, on stage and in the audience, when the band walked on stage at the Cadogan Hall in Chelsea, London for their first acoustic public performance. As if it wasn’t enough, the show was about to be filmed and recorded for their first live album and video.

This magical performance will be released on 2CD, DVD and Blu-ray in September 2013.

The first song leaves everybody breathless. The band is clearly excited and nervous. The audience loves it but is it right to scream if there is no wall of sound coming out of Ace and Mark amps, if the drums are not the usual thunderous sound? You have to see it, to really understand it. 

Finally the experience is on tape and on film to enjoy a pivotal moment in Skunk Anansie’s life.